Cryptocurrencies – What, How, Why?

As promised, this is a post on cryptocurrencies. Most people have just been getting caught up on the alternative currency markets. I wouldn’t say I am early adopter because I am not. I started following Ethereum last summer when it was valued at about $160 per coin. I read a little bit about it and naturally bitcoin’s history popped out too so I caught up on that. In this post I am just going to go over what I have learned about this little understood world of alternative currencies.

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2017 Year In Review

In the year 2017, I first started tracking cash flow (income-expenses) using the free personal finance tool Personal Capital. This free website has been able to make things so much easier for us. We can now track what are our biggest expenses and whether we’re throwing money away. In addition, it is a one stop shop to help track all our investment, credit card and bank accounts. So in essence, you don’t need old excel sheets to do the dirty work yourself. Just link accounts and the website does it for you. The bonus is that you can graph everything and go into greater detail of each expense time wise. This can empower you to spot fraudulent purchases made in your name quickly and efficiently. Anyway, I digress. Continue reading “2017 Year In Review”

Of Rats and Cows

It has been a while since I wrote here. If I say that I have been busy that would be inaccurate. I’ve been thinking a lot more recently and haven’t been very productive. I have the whole thanksgiving week to think about what the future holds. I will be 30 in a month’s time and I am reflecting upon what I have done in the past 30 years of my life. Have I accomplished enough? Have I traveled enough? Have I experienced life?

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Health and Wellness 101 – Health Capital

As the name of the website suggests, I am not just going to write about personal finance but other topics as you see in my post about our trip through Texas and New Mexico. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend it – the pictures are mind blowing!

So this post is about how to invest in health capital. We’ve got a great appetite for financial investing and savings. However, if we don’t invest in health capital the results of all the investing would be for nothing. I recently read a book – The Defining Decade – why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now.

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How It All Started

The beginning of this journey takes me back six years. It was fall of 2011 when I first came to the United States of America. I had the good fortune of getting enrolled into one of the premier universities in the country. There were a few reasons why I wanted to come to the US –

  • America has always been called the land of opportunity. I had heard great tales of successes in the States
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